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You’ve only just stopped treading on toys, and there are still remnants of wrapping paper poking out of your sofa.

The kids are back at school soon, and you’re about to get even busier than you were at Christmas! So how do you keep fit? Getting fit in January is possible, here are three ways you can get some exercise into your routine.


1. Walking the Dog(s)

Although it might be cold, there are plenty of benefits of walking your dog if you can stand it. The NHS says ‘dog owners are 34% more likely to hit exercise targets as they walk their pets regularly.’

There are also plenty of health benefits, including better cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones and decreased stress.

If you’re out in the week and struggle for time keep your walks short, if you’ve got more time at the weekend you could take your dog for a long walk and drive out somewhere special (depending on how far your dog can walk).

If you pick up some toys or a tennis ball, your kids can play with the dog, and everyone will be entertained.


2. Try a Home Workout

If you’re self-conscious or don’t have the time to leave the house to go to a gym, you could try a home workout.

There are plenty of DVDs and fitness gurus these days, so you won’t have any trouble trying to find one. There are also plenty of free YouTube exercise channels, so you don’t even have to pay.

If you want to try to get your kids or other half involved, go for it! They’ll get some exercise in, and it’ll be a chance to spend some quality time with them.

If they aren’t interested, no bother! You can do it yourself. Be careful not to overstretch yourself to begin with as you may hurt yourself.

You’ll need some gym kit if you’re getting hot and sweaty, plus, don’t forget to turn the heating down.


3. Schedule a Weekly Clean

Okay, so it’s a bit out there, and you’ll probably be hated for a period. But everyone needs to learn to clean, and there’s no better time than January.

We’ve all been there, you’ve been cleaning for an hour or two, and you have to take a well-deserved break. Tea and biscuits. Or something healthy!

See if you can round the kids and your other half up and get them blitzing a room at a time. If you’re particular about the quality of your cleaning, you may want to do it yourself.


Are You Ready to Get Fit?

If you do want to take a more traditional route of getting fit, there are 24-hour gyms in most of the UK now. Also, remember you need to eat well, too!

Fun Indoor Games to Play With Your Kids in Winter

Everyone’s praying for snow – we all want to get our hats and gloves on and sleigh down the biggest hill we can find!

Snow doesn’t fall throughout winter in the UK though, and it isn’t much fun playing outside in the cold without it.

That’s why we’ve listed three activities you can do to ensure it isn’t all Christmas films and munching on sweets.


Here are our top three winter games:

1. Play Indoor Snowball Games

1. Play Indoor Snowball Games

If you love the snow that much, why not bring the fun indoors? If you’ve got a little time and you like making things with your kids, you can create some makeshift snowballs that’ll keep you entertained until the real thing arrives.

All you need is paper, and the optional extras of a hula hoop, washing up basket, a ping pong ball and an empty bottle.

  1. If your kids are younger, you can tell them to take aim at the hula hoop and see how many snowballs they can get in.
  2. If they’re intermediate, place a washing basket within throwing distance.
  3. If they’re advanced, place a ping pong ball on the rim of a plastic bottle and aim to knock it off.

And if all fails? Snowball fight!


2. Freeze

2. Freeze

The Christmas adaptation of musical statues, you’ll need a music source that can play Christmas songs and a camera if you want to take photographs.

It’s simple; all you do is play the music and then stop it, the kids have to ‘freeze’ and the one who freezes last is out.

Take photos of everyone when they’re frozen, and show them after the game for a few extra laughs.


3. Snowman Mummies

3. Snowman Mummies

If you want a fast-paced, funny Christmas game to play with your kids, this is the one for you.

The supplies are easy to get a hold of as well, all you’ll need is some toilet roll and any extras you want to add, such as a snowman hat and scarf.

Once you’ve got your supplies, get your kids together (bring in the adults if need be) and tell them to create the snowman – the faster, the better.

However, you’ll soon find it’ll descend into chaos, and the race won’t matter!


Go Have Some Fun With Your Kids

Give all three games a try if you have the time, and see how much your children enjoy them. Have a fantastic festive period from everyone at The Hub Buckshaw; we hope you have some winter fun!

Come and pay us a visit over the winter period and relax with a brew at Capuccino or book a hair appointment at our salon.

what to do with your kids in Preston autumn 2019

The summer has come to a close and autumn has arrived. It’s a wonderful time of the year and there are always activities to do around the period leading up to Christmas, whether you’re into Bonfire Night, Halloween or just prefer the excitement of autumn.

Here are our top picks in the Preston area:


The Witch of Samlesbury Tour – Samlesbury Hall

The witch of Samlesbury tour - Salmesbury Hall

It’s the perfect time of year for some spooky witches’ tales, and that’s what Samlesbury Hall offer with The Witch of Samlesbury Hall Tour. 

Traditionally, the Lancashire area is known for the tales of the Pendle Witches, but the Samlesbury witches have a few tales of their own. Janey the Witch brings the history of those terrible times to life, engaging audiences of all ages.

What’s more, it’s free! You’ll also have the opportunity to see a fantastic Tudor-style building and wander around the beautiful grounds.

There are also other tours this November with the likes of Henry VIII and spooky historian Simon Entwistle. 

Location: Samlesbury Hall, Preston New Rd, Samlesbury, Preston PR5 0UP

Event Details: 10th of November 2019 Tours begin at 11am and 2pm

Prices: You won’t need a ticket for this event, but the hall welcome donations


Santa’s Post Box – Brockholes Nature Reserve

Santa's post box - Brockholes nature reserve

Rewind back to your childhood – it was the highlight of the pre-Christmas period, flicking rapidly through the Argos catalogue trying to narrow your 100 item list down to 50, then 25, then 15.

Brockholes have added a touch of magic to the proceedings by inviting children to the reserve to write letters to Santa Claus. They’ll go and hunt for Santa’s Post Box and send their letters to Lapland (they’ll get a reply from Santa, too).

Afterwards, you can stroll back to Kestrel Kitchen and indulge in a hot chocolate – which comes with you ticket. It’s a fun day out for both adults and children, and there are plenty of the same event, so you should get tickets for your chosen date.

Location: Brockholes Nature Reserve, Preston New Road, Preston, PR5 0AG

Event Details: 10am-1:30pm, muddy weather expected so dress accordingly, bring money for parking as well

Prices: £5 for a letter pack online, £6.50 on the day

Get your tickets here.


Enjoy the Autumn Season

If you aren’t interested in any of the above events, there’s still plenty for you to do in Preston. Prefer being indoors? Check out the local play areas or trampoline parks.

If you’re more outdoorsy, go for an autumn walk and collect some conkers – Avenham Park and Worden Park are beautiful at this time of year.


Come and Visit The Hub in Buckshaw Village

If you have babies or younger children, come to The Hub and try baby yoga, rhythmicality classes or swimming.

Or if you want to relax, come to our Cappuccino cafe and relax! Whatever you this autumn, we hope you make some fantastic memories.

Millie's Mark Accredited Nursery

At Buckshaw Village Nursery, we are thrilled to have been awarded with Millie’s Mark – the gold standard in paediatric first aid for childcare providers.

First aid training for all employees working directly with children

The accreditation is awarded by the National Day Nurseries Association (the NDNA), in association with the Department for Education, along with Millie’s Trust. It ensures that all employees who work directly with children are trained in paediatric first aid and are confident in utilising their skills. Millie’s Mark is named after Millie Thompson, who died after choking on food whilst at nursery in 2012. She was just nine months old. Millie’s Trust was founded by Millie’s parents, Joanne and Dan – they say:

“A setting achieving Millie’s Mark is an exceptional achievement for not only the nursery but for the children and the parents too.

The achievement of the mark acknowledges that staff would be confident in maybe one day saving a child’s life if they needed to. Confidence is a key factor in the administration of first aid and Millie’s Mark allows nurseries to feel confident in their own team.”

How to achieve the mark

Going above and beyond

We have worked very hard to assess every aspect of first aid at the nursery and are proud to be recognised as a setting that goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of the children within our care. (We are also the only childcare setting in the Chorley area to have been awarded with Millie’s Mark.) We are committing to continually improving our skills, and to maintaining the criteria for Millie’s Mark over its year three lifespan (when we will then be reassessed), and beyond!

Find out more about Millie’s Mark here.