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Aqua Natal

Aqua Natal

Swimming has been proven to be a very good form of exercise whilst pregnant as the water helps to support your body and therefore ease the extra weight and aches and pains that come with pregnancy.

It has also been confirmed in studies that swimming and exercise can build up stamina which can help in labour and childbirth. This is also an excellent way to meet other mums-to-be and have some ‘me’ time!

This 60 minute session consists of an aqua natal exercise class conducted by a qualified teacher, the session will include warm up and cool down exercises.

Please take note of the safety precautions below before undertaking any exercise (you will be asked to complete a screening questionnaire):

  • Providing you are enjoying a healthy pregnancy you should be able to swim for the full nine months
  • Communal exercising would not be appropriate if you have open wounds or infectious diseases. Do not exercise if you have any bleeding or have leaking amniotic fluid
  • Current recommendations suggest that you can undertake 30 minutes moderate exercise 3 or 4 times a week
  • It is important to be careful and not overdo it, if you haven’t exercised before build up your exercise programme slowly
  • You should always warm up and cool down before and after exercise
  • Make sure you drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise to avoid dehydration
  • It is also advisable to have a snack after your swim to keep your glucose levels up
  • You should always check with your doctor/midwife/health visitor before undertaking any form of exercise
  • Most importantly – listen to your body!

Contact us now for more information, or to book a session of Aqua Natal swimming classes.

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