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Anti Ageing Clinic – 3rd February at Beauty at The Hub


The New You Clinic – Anti Ageing and Body Specialists

Monday 3rd February 2014 Between 2pm – 6pm, to book call Claire Parker on 01772 453435

Sharon Whittaker is a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner with over 20 years nursing experience.

She has an enviable career history working and training in Harley Street, London along side some of the UK’s most prestigious Surgeons and Aestheticians, she has now brought her wealth of experience to the North West.

Experience the Harley Street service at an affordable price, treatments available at Beauty @ the Hub.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

1 Area – £150
2 Areas – £200
3 Areas – £275

A number of tiny injections are placed into the skin to temporary relax the small face muscles. The results in a fresher more youthful appearance in a matter of day

Lip Enchancements

0.5ml – £150
1 ml. – £275

A hyaluronic gel is injected into the border and body of the lip giving more definition and volume. Subtle or more dramatic results can be achieved after 1 treatment, instant results. Also excellent results achieved when injected into lipstick/smokers line lasts between 6-12 months.

Dermal Fillers

0.5 ml. – £150
1ml. – £250

Hyaluronic acid gel is once again injected beneath the skin to create lift and volume to areas such as Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines), Marionette lines (lip to jaw), Glabellar (frown lines), smokers/lipstick lines. Results are instant and last between 6-12 months.

Skin Peels

Agera – £60 (Course of 6 £225)
Obaji Blue Peel Radiance – £99
Microdermabrasion – £45
Peel and Microderm – £75

Skin peels and microdermabrasion works by removing the top layer of dead skin (stratuum corneum). This enables brighten younger skin to be more visable. The peels also contain powerful vitamins such as vitamin A to stimulate new cell growth. For best results a course of 6 is advised. These peels are little or not downtime so you can return to work that day looking fresh and radiant.

Eye Bag Reduction – £375

Until recently the eye area was an area very difficult to treat and problematic. An excellent new product called Teosyal are density is now available and is injected into the tear trough region, the hollow beneath the eye.

Cheek Enhancements – £399

As we age we lose volume and essential fat in the facial area, this can create a tired and happy appearance. Cheek enhancement involves injecting dermal filler along the cheek bone to create lift and volume to these areas which create a lifting effect to the lower face.

Excellent results achieved when dermal filler used in combination with cheek enhancements.

*New* Vampire Therapy – £275(With liquid filler – £325)

This is a relatively new concept to the U.K. but extremely popular in the states. A small amount of blood is taken from the arm and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the Plasma and Platelets.

The Plasma is then re injected into the whole face. Plasma contains large number of growth hormones, proteins and stem cells which rejuvenate the skin. Suitable for all clients, no risk of rejection.

Up to 3 treatments over 3-4 months may be preformed the 1 treatment per year for maintenance.

Added to this treatment 2% hyaluronic serum (liquid filler) amazing results an be seen after 1 treatment.

Fillers Anti Sweat Injections

£359 Ladies
£459 Gentleman

Excessive underarm sweating can be embarrassing and distressing and at times tropical deodorants are not sufficient to deal with the problem. Small injections of Botox block the nerve that supply the Eccrine Glands therefore preventing them producing sweat. Patients notice 90-95% improvement and results can last 6 months.

*New* Dermapen – £150 (Plus liquid filler – £199)
(Course of 3 £500)

Dermapen is the works most advanced micro needling system which VERTICALLY pierces the skin therefore causing less epidermal damage than detma rolling. It causes micro injuries trickling the skin into producing more healing collagen and elastin in the area. Add to these treatments MESOTHERAPHY which are highly potent serums containing active ingredients. Fantastic results are achieved and guaranteed to reach the Dermis which is essential fir skin rejuvenation.