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3 Ways to Get Fit in January When You Have Kids


3 Ways to Get Fit in January When You Have Kids

You’ve only just stopped treading on toys, and there are still remnants of wrapping paper poking out of your sofa.

The kids are back at school soon, and you’re about to get even busier than you were at Christmas! So how do you keep fit? Getting fit in January is possible, here are three ways you can get some exercise into your routine.


1. Walking the Dog(s)

Walking the Dog

Although it might be cold, there are plenty of benefits of walking your dog if you can stand it. The NHS says ‘dog owners are 34% more likely to hit exercise targets as they walk their pets regularly.’

There are also plenty of health benefits, including better cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones and decreased stress.

If you’re out in the week and struggle for time keep your walks short, if you’ve got more time at the weekend you could take your dog for a long walk and drive out somewhere special (depending on how far your dog can walk).

If you pick up some toys or a tennis ball, your kids can play with the dog, and everyone will be entertained.


2. Try a Home Workout

Try a Home Workout

If you’re self-conscious or don’t have the time to leave the house to go to a gym, you could try a home workout.

There are plenty of DVDs and fitness gurus these days, so you won’t have any trouble trying to find one. There are also plenty of free YouTube exercise channels, so you don’t even have to pay.

If you want to try to get your kids or other half involved, go for it! They’ll get some exercise in, and it’ll be a chance to spend some quality time with them.

If they aren’t interested, no bother! You can do it yourself. Be careful not to overstretch yourself to begin with as you may hurt yourself.

You’ll need some gym kit if you’re getting hot and sweaty, plus, don’t forget to turn the heating down.


3. Schedule a Weekly Clean

Schedule a Weekly Clean

Okay, so it’s a bit out there, and you’ll probably be hated for a period. But everyone needs to learn to clean, and there’s no better time than January.

We’ve all been there, you’ve been cleaning for an hour or two, and you have to take a well-deserved break. Tea and biscuits. Or something healthy!

See if you can round the kids and your other half up and get them blitzing a room at a time. If you’re particular about the quality of your cleaning, you may want to do it yourself.


Are You Ready to Get Fit?

If you do want to take a more traditional route of getting fit, there are 24-hour gyms in most of the UK now. Also, remember you need to eat well, too!