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New Activities Now On At The Hub


Keeping everyone entertained there’s always lots to do here at The Hub Buckshaw! Following the popularity of previous events we have introduced a number of new activities that are suitable for children of all ages.

Making the most of our state of the art facilities our diverse range of new activities and classes provide parents with a fantastic chance to bond with their child whilst interacting and socializing with other like-minded parents.

Baby Massage Classes

Baby Massage can help new mothers give their infant the best possible start in life, promoting both health and the feeling of security that all babies crave.

The course provides a wonderful sense of calmness for the baby through the reduction of stress causing hormones helping to improve sleep duration & quality, improved circulation, healthier muscle tone and can alleviate the symptoms of colic and other digestive conditions

Massage techniques can be adapted to help increase much needed weight gain any further well-being complications in premature babies.

Rock & Roll Classes

Rock and Roll classes are a fun, unique and energetic movement dance and physical development class that focuses highly on creativity and early writing skills. Each session is structured around the Early Years Found Stage and incorporates many fun activities such as singing and dancing.

We understand that children have a wild and vivid imagination, which is why we celebrate this wonderful gift by acting out fun, creative and existing scenes that encourage children to flourish and help prepare them for future education.

Sensory Babies

This is an amazing class that helps develop your babies early communication skills and sensory and body awareness.  Sensory Babies class is suitable for babies from 4 weeks up to 12 months old the class is all about having fun, learning new things and embracing different ways to develop your child. Numerous props are used to help stimulate your child including bubbles, feathers and mirrors.

For more information on any of our courses or if you’d like to reserve your space then feel free to give us a call on 0800 6681711.