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Nursery opens its doors to other local settings


Last week in our capacity of a ‘Lead Practitioner Setting’ we opened our doors to other local settings to come to view our environment and see how we operate. We had almost 100 Nursery Practitioners visit, and received lots of lovely positive feedback.

We are really proud of our team, and it gives us a lovely boost to hear such positive comments from other professionals……here are just a few…..

‘All of the staff were super, friendly & informative. A credit to the Nursery’

‘This is a very well thought out, smooth setting’

‘What a fantastic Nursery!’

‘The setting looked amazing, a lot of time and effort has obviously been put in. A fab setting for all ages’

‘Staff were so friendly and excited about their setting and what they are achieveing’

‘You have an amazing setting, keep up the good work ladies!’

‘All staff were lovely, very approachable and informative. Amazing cakes too!’

‘What lucky children to attend such a fab setting!’

‘A great setting with a great team that all seem to be on the same page and have a great understanding of the EYFS and childrens’s needs’