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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

December is officially here which means Christmas is just around the corner – yay! But that means it’s probably time to start thinking about what you’re going the get your Secret Santa. 

Choosing a present to give your co-workers, friends, or family might not always be the easiest task, especially if you don’t know them all that well.

Thank goodness it’s all secret, eh? Even though you spend a lot of time with them, most of the time you end up stuck trying to figure out exactly what they will want that’s also in your price range.

If the mild panic is already setting in and you’re stumped on what to get your Secret Santa, we’ve put some ideas together to help you surprise them with original present ideas that’ll suit all budgets and personality types.

1. A Personalised Print

A Personalised Print

Nothing says thoughtful like a personalised gift! A quick search on Etsy will show you just how many variations of personalised prints there are, from pet prints to family portraits and themes signs. 

They’d make a lovely addition to anyone’s home and a perfect present for any recipient. Plus you’ll be supporting small businesses, which is great in these challenging times. They range from as little as £6 to around £25, so you can spend as little or as much as you like.

Pet Prints 

If you’re secret Santa has a pet they adore, get them a digital drawing of their beloved cat, dog or other pet! All you have to do is send in a photo of their furry friend, choose the background colour and text you’d like on the print, and a talented artist will draw it up for you.

Take a look at all the shops selling pet prints.

Friend & Family Prints

Are you lucky enough to have your bestie as your Secret Santa? Or your Sister perhaps? Then these friend & family prints will make the perfect present! You can add as many people as you like, personalise their gender, hair, skin tone, outfit and stance and write their names and a lovely quote on their too. 

View all friend and family printing on Etsy:

2. Funky Socks 

Funky Socks

Not much beats a great pair of socks, and anyone who says otherwise is lying! Everyone needs them, and there’s also such a wide variety of prints, colours and styles available that you’re bound to find a pair for any personality.

Here are some great sites for printed and funky socks:

3. A Fun Mug 

A Fun Mug

Who doesn’t love a good brew? If you work in an office and your Secret Santa doesn’t have their own work mug, then this is a must! After all, it’s likely you all basically run on tea and coffee.

Mugs can have everything from cute animals to personalised text or even be in the shape of movie characters and games. Have a look for cool ones on Amazon or Firebox.

4. Games


Give the gift of entertainment this Christmas! With not much else to do at the moment, puzzles and games would make a great present for your Secret Santa to play over the festive period.

We love this card game for couples, ‘In The Dog House’, and it’s only £12.49 on Amazon! It contains 100  brutal, hilarious and revealing couples questions, think of it like Mr & Mrs on steroids. 

For The Girls’ is a great present if you’re buying for a girlfriend as you can get it out at your next girls night! 

Soundiculous on the other hand, is family-friendly. It is the gloriously silly game of ridiculous sounds. The aim of the game is simple – get the most points by making and guessing ridiculous sounds!

5. Personalised Mouse Mat

Personalised Mouse Mat

Another great one for office pal, a personalised mouse mat is both useful and fun! Bring a bit of cheer to your co-workers average day by giving them something they can look down at and smile.

This dog photo mat from Prezzybox is great for pet lovers, whereas this one from Vistaprint is best for photos. 

Hopefully, you’ve found some good inspiration for your Secret Santa here. Try to remember the key to a great present is to be as personal and creative as you can – think outside the box.