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Splash swimming lessons in Preston


For children, learning to swim can be a difficult, frustrating experience. Learning to swim at Splash in Preston however is no such thing.

Learn to Swim at Splash

If you’re looking for swimming lessons in Preston look no further. We provide fun and exciting swimming lessons in Preston to kids of all ages and abilities with an emphasis on enjoyment, promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping children become comfortable in the water. While we can’t guarantee that our swimming lessons in Preston will make them the next big Olympian, we can ensure that they come away from their swimming lessons having gained confidence and skills in the pool that will last a lifetime, and have a great time doing it!

Learn to swim at SplashIt goes without saying, (although we’ll say it anyway) that swimming is a vital skill to learn for everyone as it can literally save lives. However, as well as the obvious life saving skills that come with learning to swim there are also many health benefits. Our swimming lessons in Preston have obvious health benefits – these include the development of strong muscles and bones, maintaining flexibility, controlling weight levels and developing a stronger heart, therefore the earlier children start their swimming lessons in Preston the better, (that doesn’t mean getting down to the pool at 4am however…we’ll be closed).

Our swimming lessons in Preston are led by instructors who are fully qualified to ASA/STA Level 2, which includes life saving techniques. They also have many years experience teaching young people how to swim and the benefits that come with it. We believe that children are much more responsive to learning if the atmosphere is relaxed, stress free and more importantly, fun. To that end our swimming lessons in Preston here at Splash aim to provide a safe, stimulating and enjoyable environment for children to learn to swim.

To ensure we provide unrivalled swimming lessons in Preston for all our users, our state of the art pool is virtually bacteria and infection free, meaning it is perfectly suited for babies and small children with sensitive skin. It also provides relief to asthma and allergy sufferers when compared to a normal, chlorine pool.

As well as childrens swimming lessons in Preston, we also offer:

– Aqua Aerobics

– Aqua Natal

– Little Splashers

– Splash Babies

– Pre-School Lessons

– Adult One to One Lessons

So for all those budding Olympians out there, as well as those who just want to stay safe and healthy swimming lessons in Preston, taken here at Splash are an absolute must! For more information or to book a lesson call us on 0800 6681711