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A New & Exciting Sensory Babies Class at the Hub Buckshaw

New and Exciting Sensory Babies Classes

Sensory Babies is an amazing class which focuses on babies early communication skills and develops sensory and body awareness. Sensory Babies class is all about having fun, learning new things and embracing different ways to develop your child. Lots of exciting sensory resources are used to ignite baby’s imagination. These include:

  • Wakey Wakey Massage
  • Exploring Treasure Baskets
  • Feathers
  • Bubbles
  • Mirrors to name but a few

Encourage your baby to learn a little sign language, swing in lycra, tummy time on balancing balls, splish splash with the duckys and much much more !

The class is suitable for babies from 4 weeks up to 12 months old and runs every Monday

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is one of many ancient traditions which can help new mothers give their infant the best possible start in life. Baby massage promotes both health and the feeling of security that all babies crave.

The long standing benefits of baby massage for infants are plentiful, the immediate benefits of regular baby massage include a marked improvement in sleep duration & quality, improved circulation, healthier muscle tone and a feeling of deep relaxation. The help in alleviating the symptons of colic and other digestive conditions is also widely known. Baby massage provides a wonderful sense of calmness for the baby through the reduction of stress causing hormones.

Baby massage is especially effective in premature babies, massage techniques can be adapted to help increase much needed weight gain and prevent any further well-being complications. Babies with special-needs also are well known to benefit from regular skilled massage.


Our Baby Massage class runs on Mondays.

For any further information or to book your free trial please contact Vicky on 07538 724932, email Vicky or visit her website at

Contact Vicky on 07538 724932


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