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12 Easter Activities For Kids


Easter is one of our favourite times of year. Blue skies, sunshine and lots of chocolate – what’s not to love? It also means two weeks off school for the kids, so we’ve came up with some of our favourite Easter activities for kids to keep them entertained this Easter.

Get Out of The House

You don’t want to be cooped up in the house with the kids all Easter! Get out for the day and let them blow off some steam (and save yourself some tidying up). There are some great events on over Easter, including right here at The Hub, or you could simply head out on your own adventure for the day.

Cappuccino’s Host Punch and Judy

We love being part of the Buckshaw community here at The Hub, which is why we try to put on a range of events all year round. This Easter, Cappuccino’s will be hosting a free Punch and Judy show on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday. There will also be balloon making between shows, so kids can take home a balloon bunny! Make sure you visit us over the Easter weekend and take advantage of the free entertainment for the kids, whilst you enjoy one of our delicious homemade pizzas. It’s a win-win!

Farm Visit

Here in Buckshaw, we’re lucky to be relatively close to the countryside and so many wonderful farms that we can go and visit, like Bowland Wild Boar Park, Mrs Dowson’s Farm and Animal Quackers. Easter is the perfect time to pay a visit to the farm, as kids will love getting to see the baby animals and learning about them! Bowland Wild Boar Park has all sorts of farm animals, chick petting and a free Easter egg hunt over Easter. Mrs Dowson’s have a lambing live event, where children can see and pet the baby lambs as they run around our maternity unit. Animal Quackers are another great farm, which teach children all about the animals and let them pet and feed them too.

Picnic and Play

Sometimes, the best memories come from simply packing up a picnic and heading out for the day. Prepare the kids’ favourite sandwiches, sausage rolls, snacks and sweets and hit the road. You could just nip down the road to your local park or go further afield: anywhere where there’s fresh air and plenty of space for the kids to run around. Give them a football or a bat and ball and watch them play for hours!

Easter Games

We’re supposed to get some nice weather over Easter this year (fingers crossed), so why not make the most of the sunshine and get outside with the kids! Here are some outdoor Easter games you could play.

Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, this is hardly a new idea, but an Easter egg hunt is just too fun to miss off the list – plus, we’ve got some ideas to mix it up. If a competitive child is likely to hoover up all the chocolates before anyone else has a chance, you could tie a different coloured ribbons around the bags and assign each child a colour before they start. That should save an argument or two!

You could also put a new spin on the Easter egg hunt as well! If you have a ball pit, you could hide plastic eggs filled with chocolate in the ball pit and challenge the children to see how many eggs they can find in a set amount of time. Just don’t expect the balls to stay in the ball pit! Another good idea could be to hide clues inside the Easter eggs, turning it into a scavenger hunt for one big chocolate egg, not lots of little ones.


We hadn’t heard of this game before, but now we’re desperate to play it! All you need is some plastic eggs and Easter baskets for each player. The person who’s ‘it’ stands at the front with their back to the catchers, who all stand in a line further back with baskets ready to catch. When they throw the egg they shout a number between 100 and 500, and the catchers all scramble to catch it in their basket. If they catch the egg, they win that number of points. The first catcher to get to 500 wins and becomes ‘it’. This one’s sure to bring out the competitive side in both kids and adults.

Spoon Full of Sugar

Fill a big bowl full of jelly beans and give each child a paper cup and spoon. The kids have got to try and fill their cup full of jelly beans first using the spoon, but here’s the catch; they have to have the spoon in their mouth. The first to fill their cup wins and gets to eat the jelly beans.

Sweet Easter Treats

Let’s face it, Easter is all about the food! We can’t wait to eat Easter eggs all day, everyday, for the next week (if they last that long)! Here are some easy Easter recipes you can try with the kids.

Easter Nests

Everybody loved making Rice Krispie cakes when they were younger! Give it an Easter twist with this easy Easter Nest recipe. First, melt your chocolate in a heatproof bowl with 100g of butter and 4 tablespoons of golden syrup. Once that’s melted, pour in around 100g of Rice Krispies and give it a good stir. Split the mixture between bun cases and leave to harden in the fridge for over an hour. Once the buns have set, melt some more chocolate and use it to stick mini eggs to the top of the buns. The kids will love making it and you’ll love eating it!

S’More Bunny Burrows

This is a simple recipe that only needs a few ingredients, but looks so cute! You’ll need oreos, chocolate custard, marshmallows of different sizes, an edible marker and a transparent plastic cup or glass jar. First, crush your oreos to make the soil. Sprinkle some into the cup, add a couple of marshmallows and then a layer of chocolate custard. Keep layering like this up to the top of the cup. Then, once you’ve reached the top, add a final layer of oreo crumbs and stick a large marshmallow in to look like the bunny’s bum. Then add two smaller marshmallows and draw paw prints on the bottom of them.

Creme Egg Characters

This is another fun and easy Easter activity for kids, which doesn’t require much supervision. Simply pick up some Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, some icing and some edible eyes and other face decorations. Let the kids stick on their decorations and make their own character before eating them.

Arts and Crafts

We’re hoping for sunshine over Easter, but let’s face it, it’s Britain – we can have sun one day and snow the next. That’s why it’s good to have some indoor Easter activities for kids up your sleeve. We’ve got some great Easter arts and crafts ideas below, so they can let their imagination run wild.

Paint Easter Eggs

We used to love painting hard-boiled eggs for Easter when we were younger. The beauty of this activity is they can really do whatever they want! If they want to paint patterns on their egg, they can. If they want to turn their egg into the Easter bunny, they can. If they want to create a whole stage full of circus themed eggs, they can. It’s the perfect Easter activity to show off their creativity!

Bunny Ears

It’s not Easter without a pair of bunny ears! To make your own bunny ears you’ll need some white and pink construction paper, a pair of scissors, glue and a stapler. First, you’ll need to measure the kids heads and use a long piece of construction paper and both ends together to make the headband. Then, cut a large bunny ear shape out of the white card and a smaller bunny ear shape out of the pink card. Glue these together and then glue onto the headband and you’ve got a pair of bunny ears!

Egg Carton Bunny

This is such fun to make and you probably already have everything you need lying around your house: an egg carton, paint, masking tape (or cellotape), googly eyes, pom poms, white card and a black marker. First, cut two egg compartments out and trim off any excess cardboard so you have a flat top. Then, use one piece of masking tape to stick the two together at the back. Next, paint it in your favourite colours and draw a bunny face on with the black marker. Cut some bunny ears out of the white card and stick it to the top, adding on googly eyes and a pom pom tail. Finally put some mini eggs inside the carton bunny and you’ve got the perfect place to hide your Easter sweets.