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How to Decorate Your Home this Halloween!


Decorations are the best way to set the mood for Halloween, whether you’re hosting a party or having a horror film marathon on the couch. We like to think of ourselves as Halloween-aficionados here at The Hub, so we’ve come up with a bunch of different Halloween decorations to suit everyone’s needs.

Cute and Cosy Halloween Decorations

Not everyone wants to have their home covered in spider webs and that’s fair enough. You’ve spent a long time getting your home just right and you like to come home to a relaxing haven, not a house of horrors.

We’ve got the perfect solution with decorations that give a subtle nod to the day, without becoming overwhelmed by cackling witches and severed hands.

Pumpkin Patch

These cute little pumpkin statues are discrete enough to easily fit in with your decor, whilst also giving that cosy autumnal feeling. We’ve seen similar to these in our local Next and TK Maxx too.

Halloween Throw

Baby it’s cold outside- okay, we’re not quite there yet, but the temperature is certainly starting to drop at this time of year. A Halloween throw blanket is the perfect low-effort way to bring Halloween spirit into your home, and will keep you nice and warm as you have the wits scared out of you by a horror film fest. And once the day is done- just fold it away until next year.

Fill the Air with Autumn Scents

You know it’s autumn when the scented candles come out. Fill the air with the smell of pumpkin spice and other autumnal scents like cinnamon or vanilla, which make you want to lie on the couch and listen to the rain fall for hours. Bonus points if they’re pumpkin shaped like these little gems that we found.

Quick, Easy and Effective Halloween Decorations

If you love Halloween, but simply don’t have the time to spend hours decorating your house and even worse, cleaning it up after. Well we’ve found these Halloween decorations that are no-fuss, without being boring.

Halloween Paper Garlands

Paper garlands are an easy way to deck out your house in Halloween spirit. Buy it, Blu Tac it, done. Even better, you could get the kids to make their own paper chains from black and orange craft paper. That’s sure to keep them busy for an hour!

Drink Up from a Skull Goblet

Let your guests be your decorations! Having plenty of people over, walking round in full costume with a skull goblet in hand is sure to up the fear factor when trick-or-treaters come to the door.

Bodies on the Buffet Table

All you need for your decorations to have a big impact on Halloween is a centrepiece. We recommend focusing on the buffet table. Lay out your snacks and treats on top of a halloween table cloth and scatter a bag of bones and a skull around it, sure to leave your guests wondering whose they might be…

Getting Creepy at Cappuccino’s

If you’re looking for more inspiration for easy but effective Halloween decorations, just check out the decorations at our very own Cappuccino’s. They’ve smashed it this year!

All out decorations

Move over Jack Skellington, there’s a new Pumpkin King in Halloweentown!

You’re not just willing to settle for a pumpkin and some paper garlands, you want to take Halloween to new heights… Well we have some ideas that will raise heartbeats.

A Walk Through the Graveyard

Leave trick-or-treaters trembling at the bottom of the path, as you turn your front garden into a haunted graveyard! Place a few tombstones into the ground and stream spider webs around to make for an eerie entrance.

Gothic Candlesticks

Here’s a DIY-job that shouldn’t take too long, but will leave your home looking like a haunted Gothic mansion. Just take an empty bottle of wine, paint it black, and stick a candlestick in it. Classy and creepy; trust us, it’s a small thing that makes a big difference.

Add a Little Mist

The piece-de-resistance at any top-tier Halloween party is a fog machine. There’s nothing spookier than walking through the mist, in the dark, wondering what you’re going to encounter.

Don’t forget to head down to The Hub this Halloween. If your roots are truly terrifying, book in at our salon. Or if your kids need some practice to dress up as a mermaid, book a session at Splash. And if you find yourself fancying more treats than tricks, pop into Cappuccino’s for a coffee and a cake.