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Fun Indoor Games to Play With Your Kids in Winter


Fun Indoor Games to Play With Your Kids in Winter

Everyone’s praying for snow – we all want to get our hats and gloves on and sleigh down the biggest hill we can find!

Snow doesn’t fall throughout winter in the UK though, and it isn’t much fun playing outside in the cold without it.

That’s why we’ve listed three activities you can do to ensure it isn’t all Christmas films and munching on sweets.


Here are our top three winter games:

1. Play Indoor Snowball Games

1. Play Indoor Snowball Games

If you love the snow that much, why not bring the fun indoors? If you’ve got a little time and you like making things with your kids, you can create some makeshift snowballs that’ll keep you entertained until the real thing arrives.

All you need is paper, and the optional extras of a hula hoop, washing up basket, a ping pong ball and an empty bottle.

  1. If your kids are younger, you can tell them to take aim at the hula hoop and see how many snowballs they can get in.
  2. If they’re intermediate, place a washing basket within throwing distance.
  3. If they’re advanced, place a ping pong ball on the rim of a plastic bottle and aim to knock it off.

And if all fails? Snowball fight!


2. Freeze

2. Freeze

The Christmas adaptation of musical statues, you’ll need a music source that can play Christmas songs and a camera if you want to take photographs.

It’s simple; all you do is play the music and then stop it, the kids have to ‘freeze’ and the one who freezes last is out.

Take photos of everyone when they’re frozen, and show them after the game for a few extra laughs.


3. Snowman Mummies

3. Snowman Mummies

If you want a fast-paced, funny Christmas game to play with your kids, this is the one for you.

The supplies are easy to get a hold of as well, all you’ll need is some toilet roll and any extras you want to add, such as a snowman hat and scarf.

Once you’ve got your supplies, get your kids together (bring in the adults if need be) and tell them to create the snowman – the faster, the better.

However, you’ll soon find it’ll descend into chaos, and the race won’t matter!


Go Have Some Fun With Your Kids

Give all three games a try if you have the time, and see how much your children enjoy them. Have a fantastic festive period from everyone at The Hub Buckshaw; we hope you have some winter fun!

Come and pay us a visit over the winter period and relax with a brew at Capuccino or book a hair appointment at our salon.