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Buckshaw Village Nursery has been awarded with Millie’s Mark!


Millie's Mark Accredited Nursery

At Buckshaw Village Nursery, we are thrilled to have been awarded with Millie’s Mark – the gold standard in paediatric first aid for childcare providers.

First aid training for all employees working directly with children

The accreditation is awarded by the National Day Nurseries Association (the NDNA), in association with the Department for Education, along with Millie’s Trust. It ensures that all employees who work directly with children are trained in paediatric first aid and are confident in utilising their skills. Millie’s Mark is named after Millie Thompson, who died after choking on food whilst at nursery in 2012. She was just nine months old. Millie’s Trust was founded by Millie’s parents, Joanne and Dan – they say:

“A setting achieving Millie’s Mark is an exceptional achievement for not only the nursery but for the children and the parents too.

The achievement of the mark acknowledges that staff would be confident in maybe one day saving a child’s life if they needed to. Confidence is a key factor in the administration of first aid and Millie’s Mark allows nurseries to feel confident in their own team.”

How to achieve the mark

Going above and beyond

We have worked very hard to assess every aspect of first aid at the nursery and are proud to be recognised as a setting that goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of the children within our care. (We are also the only childcare setting in the Chorley area to have been awarded with Millie’s Mark.) We are committing to continually improving our skills, and to maintaining the criteria for Millie’s Mark over its year three lifespan (when we will then be reassessed), and beyond!

Find out more about Millie’s Mark here.