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Show Yourself Some Love on Valentine’s Day and Everyday!


We’re all about self-love here at The Hub, but we know that it can be hard to do at first. That’s why we thought we’d come up with some tips on how to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Make More Me-Time

Society’s obsession with success can often leave us feeling that spare time not put towards pursuing our goals is a waste of time, but this simply isn’t true. As our lives are becoming busier than ever, it’s important that we reserve time to relax, just for the sake of relaxing. Set aside 30 minutes every day just for yourself. This isn’t time that you have to earn, it’s time that you deserve whether you worked hard all day or not. It’s just 30 minutes. It could be in the morning, straight after work, or at night just before bed – it doesn’t matter when, it just matters that you do it.

What you do in this time is up to you – after all, it’s your time. Meditation can be a great way to clear your mind and help you feel more connected to your inner-self, but it’s not for everyone. Some people like to move their bodies, to feel every muscle and get that rush of endorphins in reward. Whether it’s yoga or a killer set of crunches; whatever makes you feel good. And some people (like me) might just like to draw themselves a piping hot bath and enjoy a nice long soak. 

Reserving time for relaxation each day gives us chance to press the reset button. It allows us to de-stress and reflect on ourselves and the day, so that we can improve as people. This is an important part of self-love because we’re recognising that we are worthy of this time and spend it doing something that makes us feel good.

Cut Screen Time

This one’s especially important for young people. Social media can be a brilliant place to connect with friends, family and the community, but it can also be incredibly toxic. It’s easy to look at someone’s perfectly airbrushed Instagram stream and come to the conclusion that their life is a lot better than yours. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

Social media is a highlight reel, showing people only what we want them to see. Think about your own social media: you only post the 1 photo that you like, not the 100 others that you deleted. That photo of that person you knew from school who looks like they were having the time of their lives… probably wasn’t. 

Unfortunately, we’ve been socialised to be competitive and compare ourselves to others, and social media has only heightened this. This is a difficult habit to break, but limiting our time on social media limits the time we spend comparing ourselves to other people, analysing where we meet or fail to meet their standards.

Limiting your time on social media can also help you feel more productive. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook can all be like a wormhole, we scroll and scroll until suddenly we realise that it’s been an hour and that pile of laundry still isn’t folded. We rarely gain anything positive from social media, so putting those hours spent on your phone into something productive like reading, writing or making something will leave you feeling a lot more fulfilled when you get into bed that night.

Accept That You’re Not Perfect

Now this tip might strike you as counterintuitive – it seems to contradict the whole notion of self-love. Doesn’t self-love mean we’re supposed to adore ourselves? Doesn’t self-love mean we’re supposed to walk past mirrors and think wow, we’re the finest specimen to ever walk this earth? Well no, it doesn’t.

We’re all human. We’re all going to have insecurities and we’re all going to make mistakes. Accepting our “flaws” is  part of self-love. It’s unlikely that living in an age of tabloids and social media we’re ever going to love every part of ourselves. But self-love allows us to not really like our knobbly knees, and yet still accept them and know that they don’t impact our worth. Self-love also means that when we mess up, we show ourselves compassion and forgive ourselves, not that we pig-headedly deny that we did something wrong at all.

Treat Yourself

We’re not saying that the instant gratification you get from buying a new pair of shoes is the route to happiness – in fact, it’s the route to an empty bank account! However, you are allowed to treat yourself every now and then! You’re deserving of nice things and you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging yourself.

Valentine’s Day can be especially hard for some people, as we’re faced with never-ending images of perfect couples showering each other with presents and love. But there’s no reason you should have to be in a relationship to receive nice things, you can get them for yourself!

We’ve got some great ideas for treats to suit every budget:

  • Pamper yourself at the salon – our salon here at The Hub is doing some truly amazing deals throughout February, the perfect way to show yourself some love.
    • Be My Valentine (£50) – the ultimate in relaxation, enjoy a full back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a 30 minute facial. 
    • Secret to Beauty (£50) – this has to be the best way to get ready for a night out, as you’ll get a wash and blow dry by Emily and a full set of acrylics by Georgia. It’s true what they say, when you look good, you feel good.
  • Skincare – sheet masks, mud masks, clay masks – pick your favourite! Having soft skin is a surefire way to increase your confidence without spending much money.
  • Home decor – make your home a cosy cocoon which you look forward to returning to everyday. Doing up the whole house is expensive, so just focus on the room you spend the most time in. That might mean layering the living room in soft blankets, or getting a wax-melt to fill your bedroom with delicious scents – it doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • A wishlist item – get that thing that you’ve wanted for the longest time, but could never justify buying. It could be a collectible, a nice going-out outfit or even a designer handbag – just make sure you can afford it first.

So those are our top tips for showing yourself some love this Valentine’s Day and everyday! We hope these tips have resonated with you and have a positive impact on your journey to self-love.