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Buckshaw Nursery

Buckshaw Nursery & Preschool Chorley

Constructed in 2011 Buckshaw nursery and preschool was specifically designed to provide exceptional care for young children from birth to five years. The principle aim at the centre is to provide a safe and secure environment where the children can develop social skills and access education in preparation for the start of school life.

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Location and Facilities

Buckshaw nursery and preschool in Chorley operates from a purpose built building in Buckshaw Village and contains four large open plan rooms that enable the children to play in complete comfort and safety. The rooms are bright with excellent 360° visibility ensuring that staff are able to maintain full awareness at all times. They are also equipped with a wide range of bespoke features that help support the children’s learning and creativity.

In addition to the interior space there is access to an outdoor play area with an array of age appropriate facilities. For the younger children there is a gated area filled with outdoor toys that encourage mobility like push-a-longs and bikes. For the older children there is a playground with the latest in safety regulated play equipment including a climbing frame and slide.

Highly Experienced Team

The standards at Buckshaw nursery and preschool in Chorley are maintained by a highly qualified team comprised of 26 trained support staff in total. All of the practitioners have National Vocation Qualifications for Early Years ranging from level 2 to level 4 with staff also trained to support children with special educational needs.

Outstanding Ofsted Report

Following a visit in August 2012 Buckshaw Village nursery and preschool in Chorley was judged as outstanding by the Ofsted inspectorate. The report cited many of the excellent aspects of the work carried out and awarded the facility top marks in every category. This included assessments on all aspects of safety, the standards of care and education provided, and the overall happiness of the children. The leadership and management was also given a resounding stamp of approval for effective administration.

Learning and Development

From the moment they start, children are assigned a key worker who will closely monitor progress to ensure that the educational provision is tailored to suit the child’s individual learning style. Buckshaw Village nursery and preschool in Chorley follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which provides all of the education required for starting school. This includes experience in personal, social, and emotional development designed to build self-confidence and self-awareness. It also caters for the physical aspects of movement and self-care. Another prime area of focus is communication and language through speaking, listening and understanding.

Feel free to come along and have a look at Buckshaw Village nursery and preschool in Chorley. We also have a chemical-free swimming pool, swimwear shop, cafe, icecream hut, unisex hair salon, childrens hair salon and beauty salon.

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