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At Buckshaw Nursery, we consider the safety of your child to be our first priority.

As well as having a very high staff to children ratio, there are a number of safety features that we put into practice. In order to gain entrance to the Nursery, parents and visitors have to be granted access by a member of staff.

“We have several security cameras linked to a CCTV recording system, in order to monitor the safety of the Nursery from the outside, and also to enable the manager to monitor activities around the outside of the nursery & in the reception area.”

There are a number of state of the art security features built into the fabric of the building. Below is a selection of these safety measures we have in place.

Security At Buckshaw Nursery

  • Strict ‘Collection policy’ to determine who is allowed to collect your child
  • There are separate temperature-controlled hot water supply to the taps in the children’s bathroom
  • Safety ‘finger-shields’ are fitted to all doors accessible to the children
  • Fire alarms, panic alarms, smoke alarms & emergency lighting to aid a rapid escape from the building, are fitted as standard
  • Safe & hygienic floor & work surfaces in all rooms
  • There is also under floor heating to minimise any risk of accident from radiators
  • The outdoor areas comply with our strict safety-first policy also
  • All staff have a positive ‘enhanced’ clearance obtained from the Criminal Records Bureau, prior to commencing work at Buckshaw