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What Can You Do With Your Kids in the Six Week Holidays?


What to Do With Your Kids in the 6 Week Holidays

You’d be forgiven for being confused about what you can do with your kids in the six week holidays; nobody knows what they can do anymore!

If you’ve been spending a lot of time with your kids during lockdown and you’re feeling a bit lost for ideas, we’ve got a few that could help alleviate stress and tension.

There are plenty of parents that may be putting off doing activities for fear of not being able to do them correctly, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you look at it the other way, you might get the place all to yourself!

Here are some activities you can do with your kids in the six weeks holidays:


Go to the Seaside

1. Go to the Seaside

While you won’t get the seaside all to yourself, it’s perfect for a day out, and you don’t have to commit to going for more than a day if you can’t afford it or you’re uncomfortable.

If you prefer to be in the open, you can grab all your beach toys, make a picnic and get your swimming costumes out. The kids will love being out in the open air, and it’ll give you some time to play with them or sit back and read a book (or get a quick nap in!).

If you’re more into the arcade, fish and chips and crazy golf side of the seaside, most resorts will have these open. However, it’s worth giving a few places a ring to make sure.

Indoor attractions will provide sanitising stations, and some will employ a one-way system. Some arcades are even testing people’s temperature before they enter the facility. Have you got your 2p coins at the ready?


Go to the Zoo

2. Go to the Zoo

Zoos have been open for some time now, over a month. There are 141 zoos, aquariums and safaris in the UK, so you’ve got plenty of choices!

Indoor zoo attractions may still be closed, so check what type of wildlife centre you’re going to and give them a quick call.

Zoos are required to adhere to social distancing laws, and many have created one-way systems, viewing zones, takeaway cafes and sanitising stations.

At a time where zoos are reporting significant debts which could put their future at risk, visiting the zoo will be more welcome than ever.


Visit a Free, Outdoor Landmark

3. Visit a Free, Outdoor Landmark

There’s no doubt some of us are feeling the financial pressures of being furloughed, even if you’re back at work you might be trying to catch up after having to use credit cards or loans to live. Or you may just love the outdoors!

It’s a plus if you do because there are loads of landmarks in the UK you can visit for free. You could visit an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as the North Pennines or one of the UK’s National Parks such as the North York Moors.

You can take your walking boots (cue disdain from your kids!), a packed lunch and go exploring the natural world.

Enjoy Your Time Together

While it’s challenging to keep your kids entertained when you’ve already been doing it for three months, remember that getting out and about is vital to getting life back to normal. Stay safe and enjoy this wonderful time with your children; we’ll never get to do it again (hopefully!).