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5 Things to Do On a Rainy Day in Lockdown 2

Five things to do on a rainy day in tier 3

So the UK has been placed under a second lockdown… *sigh*. Plus autumn is now in full swing, which means colder, wetter weather. So you’re stuck in the house once again, trying to stop the kids from climbing the walls with boredom. 

When the only thing you can do is go for a walk, and its raining, you might find yourself wondering how to pass the time. But rain doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom; there are plenty of things you can do to keep you entertained. 

Were here to give you some child-friendly ideas to relieve the boredom when it’s yet another cold and miserable day outside.

1. Have a Bake-a-Thon

Have a Bake-a-Thon

With Bake Off back on our screens, the whole country is feeling inspired to get out the wooden spoons and cake tins and get their bake on. There really is no better way to spend a rainy day than baking some delicious goodies.

Kids will love to lend a helping hand with this – particularly when it comes to the decorating. BBC good food has some great recipes that are perfect for the little ones to get involved with. 

Not only does this activity give you a great way to spend your day, you’ll also get some yummy treats to munch on too!

2. Go Puddle Jumping

Go puddle jumping

You’ll need to dig the welly boots and raincoats out for this one! Whilst this is most adults worst nightmare, your little ones will love splashing around outside.

We all remember what it’s like to walk past a huge puddle and barely be able to resist the temptation to jump in! It’s rare that kids are actually allowed to get messy, so why not let them cure their curiosity – just this once.

3. Create a Home Cinema 

Create a Home Cinema

Crack out the popcorn, dim the lights, cosy up in front of the TV and create your very own cinema at home! It’s arguably even better than the real thing… not only will you stay safe from the coronavirus but you’re in the comfort of your own home, which means PJs and as many snack and toilet breaks as you please. 

Thanks to online streaming services there’s an endless amount of films out there for you to watch. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with a movie day!

4. Bring Out the Paint & Colouring Supplies

Bring out the painting and colouring supplies

Why not get creative and try your hand at a spot of painting? It’s a messy but great activity for the whole family to get involved in and you never know; you might even create some mini masterpieces! 

Many parents will agree that painting & colouring are some of the best ways to keep your little ones occupied for a few hours. Whether they paint on paper, rocks or whatever else, they’ll be sure to have lots of fun.

5. Build a Den

Build a Den

Building dens is the very best rainy day activity! If you’re a bit of a neat freak, you may have to loosen your standards for a while and let the family loose on the house. Pull out the sheets and blankets and get building!

The best way to build a den is to use a table or chairs to support its structure and use lightweight sheets as they’re less likely to collapse. If you want to go all out, hang some fairy lights too!

Hopefully one of these ideas will help you to fill your rainy days in lockdown. Remember to stick to the rules and try to stay positive. Better times are coming!