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Situated within The Hub, Buckshaw Village, the Buckshaw Nursery in Leyland provides a safe environment for children from birth to five years, accommodated in four separate facilities within the nursery corresponding to their age: Caterpillars, Butterflies, Lower Buckshaw and Upper Buckshaw, reflecting their progressive stages of development in preparation for primary school. Each large room can easily be subdivided, allowing flexibility for different activities.

The Caterpillars room houses children from three to twelve months old, with a staff to children ratio of 1:3 ensuring their well being and safety at all times. The Caterpillars area has a milk preparation room and a sleep room, with individual cots available.

Butterflies are aged twelve months to two years, and as with the younger infants, they enjoy a sleep area and the same staff to child ratio. Both Caterpillar and Butterfly infants have access to The Pods, an indoor/outdoor gated play area, with play equipment allocated according to their needs.

Children enter the Lower Buckshaw room from two years of age and continue with the structured play and learning begun as Butterflies. The children have a staff to child ratio of 1:4.

The Upper Buckshaw room is for three year old children onwards. More emphasis is placed on the EYFS, or Early Years Foundation Stage, which ensures their play and learning is in line with national guidelines for social, emotional and personal development, communication and language, literacy and numeracy, understanding of the world around them, and development of their imagination and media skills. A staff to child ratio of 1:8 ensures their safety whilst allowing a degree of autonomy. Children from the Lower and Upper Buckshaw rooms have their own outdoor play area.

Buckshaw Nursery assigns each child a key worker, with each child assessed between two and three years of age, and again prior to the completion of the EYFS in the final term before reaching five years of age. Emphasis is placed on feedback of a child’s activities and play to provide a challenging and stimulating environment. Being registered with Ofsted also ensures that the learning environment at Buckshaw Nursery meets Government targets regarding the provision of suitably qualified staff, who are all approved through the enhanced vetting procedures of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Buckshaw Nursery is equipped with the latest safety and security systems, including access controls, CCTV, and a strict collection policy.

Wholesome food is prepared in the building, ensuring the children eat a healthy diet in a social atmosphere, with individual diets catered for as necessary.

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