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Sickness Policy

At Buckshaw Nursery we pride ourselves on following proven best practice guidelines, whilst keeping up to date with latest thinking in care and education, in order to achieve & maintain the very best reputation possible.

To this effect we have developed a number of policies that are approved by OFSTED, and are constantly reviewed to ensure that we are always up to date.


Buckshaw Nursery will not normally undertake the care of sick children in order to protect all of our children and staff.

The Nursery must be informed of any child illness, or sickness prior to the child attending nursery in order for each case to be considered on an individual basis.

In the interest of other children and staff it will be necessary to exclude any child who has been diagnosed with certain contagious illnesses or sickness. Full and comprehensive guidelines will be available.

If a child becomes ill or unduly distressed during nursery hours, one or other of the parents will normally be informed by telephone. After discussion, it may be decided that it is necessary for the child to be collected earlier than normal.

Consultation between ourselves and parents will be of paramount importance.