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Special Educational Needs

At Buckshaw Nursery we pride ourselves on following proven best practice guidelines, whilst keeping up to date with latest thinking in care and education,in order to achieve & maintain the very best reputation possible.

To this effect we have developed a number of policies that are approved by OFSTED, and are constantly reviewed to ensure that we are always up to date.

Our Policies

  • Provide and maintain an inclusive environment where we welcome, value and include all children, whatever their requirements
  • Work within guidelines laid down by the Department for Education and Skills, Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
  • Provide for the developmental needs of each individual child in order that they may make progress at their own level
  • Encourage all children with SEN to participate in a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • Ensure that the relevant procedures are available for staff to maintain early identification of any difficulties that a child may be experiencing
  • Acknowledge and encourage the role of the parent/carer when making decisions
  • Provide information and training for our staff, in order to ensure that they are kept up to date with developments regarding SEN
  • Work in partnership with relevant professionals and outside agencies
  • Have a named person who is responsible for SEN co-ordination & training